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Door Access Control

access controlYou may want to limit access to certain areas, for reasons of physical security to your staff or equipment, to prevent visitors from entering an area where they may inadvertently endanger themselves or to prevent sensitive information from falling into the wrong hands. Only authorized persons can enter, and only during the precise period of the authorization. If a robbery is discovered, the log of entries provides a list of suspects. Magen Boardroom Systems can design and install Access Control Systems to limited access areas to meet the specific needs of your firm.

Why you need it?  

Access control locks and unlocks doors in response to an ID card or other device, without any personal intervention. It provides the security you need while permitting authorized people to enter your premises with ease, and allows you to check your visitors before granting entry. Access Control can also extend to your parking lot or other remote site. A log of all entries and exits is automatically created leaving an audit trail for security and review purposes. You can even get a log of the length of time doors remained open.  

You can give entry devices to temporary employees and preset the date and hour when their validity is voided. Or provide trainees participating in a course with entry to specific areas for the duration of the training. At the end of the period, which can be defined down to the minute, access is automatically denied.

No more keys. Keys can be copied and passed on to unauthorized persons. An employee who is dismissed or who resigns may keep a copy of the key and enter the premises unlawfully. With access control, any devices retained by staff who have left your firm, or by trainees granted temporary authorization, can be easily invalidated. The entry devices cannot be duplicated by unauthorized personnel. You can immediately invalidate entry authorization as soon as a suspicion arises as to reliability of the person.

Indoor and outdoor access

Access control can be installed on both indoor and outdoor entrances so that any zone may be accessible only to authorized persons. Weather resistant panels and controls are available for outdoor use. In addition to main entrances, access control can be installed in warehouses, archives and other restricted areas in your office or plant, limiting access only to select employees.

Integration of Systems

The access system can be integrated with other systems, such as lights and cameras, to make it even more valuable. Integration can automatically improve safety and security: lights can automatically go on to illuminate the route for maintenance employees or others who keep irregular schedules and check in when offices are normally closed. Cameras can automatically focus on the entry process and begin videoing when the access system is activated or tampered with. If tampered with the access control may also activate a sound device on your alarm system. Integrated with your heating and air conditioning system, the access system will send instructions to adjust the climate controls in the work area of the person who entered the premises.

Fire regulations

Magen Boardroom Systems access controls meet all regulations of the fire authorities. They are reliable and long lasting and require no maintenance. They have a back-up power source which takes over in case of power failure. The access control components are attractive and can be designed to complement the colour scheme and design of your office and may even be totally concealed.

How it works

The access code is integrated into the ID Card or other device. An employee simply holds the ID device in front of the reader to obtain entry. It may even be read through a wallet. The time required by the reader to identify the person is very short, so the action can be totally hidden from passersby. Entry may be restricted or denied by the administrator by defining hours or dates when entry is permitted; at all other times entry is prohibited. Permission may also be cancelled at any time by the system administrator by issuing the proper command to the controller, without handling the ID device. A lost or stolen device may be disabled, as soon as the loss is reported.


The components of an access system are:

  • Door Hardware (Door Handle and Door Closer, Door Strike or Mag Lock
  • Door Contact
  • Exit Detector
  • Alarm
  • Surveillance Camera
  • Intercom
  • Reader or Keypad
  • Controller 

Magen Boardroom Systems can help you select the type of access control most suitable to your needs. We design and install the system according to your specific security needs and in compliance with municipal fire regulations, always in keeping with the appearance of your office. And we can integrate it with any other system.

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