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Boardroom Video Conferencing

Boardroom Video ConferenceVideo conferencing has become an indispensable technology when viewed in the light of the dangers, discomfort and stress of travel, not to speak of the skyrocketing costs of travel. Your firm will benefit from greater productivity with staff spending less time in the air, while they and their families will be much more satisfied with their work-life balance. Decisions are made much faster with video conferencing and they are more soundly based after serious face to face discussions with all partners to the decision.

The great improvements in video conferencing systems coupled with their lower costs, allow even medium and small firms to acquire them. No need for technicians. Anyone in the office can learn to operate the systems in a short time. The systems now available are very reliable; connections are fast and dropped calls are a thing of the past.

video conferencingAnd have we mentioned carbon footprint? Every good corporate citizen, interested in protecting the environment will be excited to learn that videoconferencing reduces the carbon footprint in a big way. The Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) reports that huge reductions in greenhouse gases can be achieved through the use of videoconferencing. What could be better than reducing costs while also reducing emissions?

With the high quality video conferencing systems now available you can see clearly the persons you are conversing with, catching their facial expressions and body language and even making eye contact. With HD videooconferencing, participants get the feeling of being in the same room and carry on a natural conversation Videoconferencing is now virtually as effective as face to face contact. And the likelihood that participants will engage in other activities instead of concentrating on the issues, so common in audioconferencing, is significantly reduced. You can carry on discussions and share documents for review at the same time. Decision making is faster and better decisions can be reached now that the systems are so reliable, inexpensive and easy to operate. Many more consultations on a variety of subjects and projects can be held when the time otherwise lost to travel is deducted. And with multipoint videoconferencing, a conference can be set up for three or more sites. 

Perhaps even more significant than the direct cost savings, is the superior use to which the time of your professional staff can be put. This time is often irreplaceable at any cost when hard to get expertise is involved. The time spent by managers. experts, consultants, professionals in various fields is almost totally wasted when they are travelling; by reducing travel time their knowledge is put to work in more projects.

Davis and Weinstein of Wainhouse Research calculate that the breakeven point of owning a video conferencing system could be 12 months or even as few as three months, depending on the amount of usage. With those numbers and a more satisfied staff relieved of burdensome travel, how can you afford to be without video conferencing? 

The areas in which video conferencing can be applied are virtually limitless: management meetings jointly held in multiple sites rather than travel to distant locations, staff recruiting from videoconferencing booths rather than flying in candidates, healthcare in remote areas, product quality assurance, equipment maintenance, training and distance learning, research projects, and more. Every business, government agency or service needs a videoconferencing system. 

Contact Magen. Let Magen help you identify your needs, design the installations, advise on equipment selection, install the videoconferencing system and train your staff in its use. 

Magen Boardroom Systems Services:

  • Advice on equipment selection
  • Room design, equipment and lighting placement
  • Product procurement
  • Design and programming of controls
  • Installation of cabling and equipment
  • Integration of all systems
  • Testing
  • Training
  • Maintenance and support

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