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Boardroom Projectors

Projectors are the ideal tool for business conferences of all types and for audiences of all sizes. Magen offers a wide variety of projectors to meet all your presentation needs in the boardroom, presentation rooms and training and instruction spaces. With projectors you can deliver presentations using quality video graphics and text. Projectors are capable of interacting with various inputs and standards, and can meet the most complex presentation requirements.


The three main projector technologies are CRT (Cathode Ray Tube), DLP (Digital Light Processing) and LCD (Liquid Crystal Display). The CRTs are the traditional bulky projectors that have been around for awhile. If you’re really curious about the difference between LCD and DLP, we offer a short discussion below. Another technology, LCoS(Liquid Crystal on Silicon) is now reaching the market. LCoS has the best features of the others and none of the disadvantages. It is, however, somewhat more expensive. In choosing your projector you have to consider numerous variables such as brightness, contrast ratio, pixel density, colour reproduction, input sources and price. Besides projector cost you should be aware of bulb life. Bulbs need to be changed after 1,000 to 2,000 hours of projection and are pretty costly, depending on the type of projector. So you want to choose the type of projector that’s right for your needs and not necessarily the one that has the most options.

Magen installs and aligns your projector with the screen. We advise you on positioning with regards to viewing and lighting conditions and to possible obstructions. Mounting can be on ceiling or wall and may be motorized or manual. With motorization, the projector can be dropped from a recess in the ceiling and after the presentation can be lifted and replaced there. The accompanying screen may also be motorized for positioning and hiding.

Magen handles the ENTIRE projector and screen installation  process for you. We can even set up a scenario so that a single tap on the button will reveal the screen from its hidden wall niche, drop down the projector from its ceiling recess, window drapes or shades will be closed automatically, the lights will dim, the appropriate audio volume will be set and the show will begin. Magen can design, program and carry out the entire installation.

Where required, multiple projection systems can display multiple images simultaneously on a video wall while ticker information keeps on streaming with live data. Audio and visual systems may be installed to broadcast presentations to multiple locations within the building. projectors 1

Why not enrich the viewing experience of your audience? Magen can provide you with an audio video setup which can produce a movie quality. Make them feel that they are enjoying a movie rather than hearing a commercial?

Magen can help you choose the projector type that is right for you and most appropriate to your needs, according to the size of the room and how much ambient light there is in the room. Questions of brightness requirements, how vivid should the colours be, and how large an image you need must be answered. We will help you select the projector size, brightness and make and the best placement and positions for your projectors.

Magen can supply and install the projector and make the necessary cable connections with your computer.

Magen's expertise will allow you to exploit your electronic display system most effectively and to maximize benefits.

LCD and DLP Technology

LCD(Liquid Crystal Display) projection is done by means of three LCD glass panels, one for each of the colours: red, green and blue. When light passes through the LCD panels, individual pixels open or close to allow light to pass or to prevent it from passing through. In this way, the light produces the coloured image projected onto the screen.

DLP(Digital Light Processing) technology was developed by Texas Instruments. DLP consists of a chip whose surface contains thousands of tiny mirrors. Each mirror represents a single pixel. In a DLP projector, light is directed toward the surface of the chip. The mirrors move back and forth, directing light towards the lens to turn the pixel on, or away to turn it off. In most DLP projectors there is a single chip along with a colour wheel containing colour filters. As the wheel, located between the lamp and the DLP chip, spins, the colour of the light reaching the chip alternates from red to green to blue. The mirrors tilt away from lens or towards it according to the colours of the image. In this way, the light produces the coloured image projected onto the screen.

Advantages of LCD

  • LCD (usually) delivers better colour saturation than DLP
  • LCD images are (usually) sharper than DLP
  • LCD is (usually) more light-efficient than DLP

Drawbacks of LCD

  • LCD (usually) suffers from the "screen door effect": Images appear as if viewed through a screen door.
  • LCD (usually) does not produce satisfactory black levels and contrast

Advantages of DLP

  • DLP projectors are (usually) lighter and more compact than LCD
  • DLP produces higher contrast with deeper blacks than LCD projector
  • DLP projections (usually) have lower pixelation

Drawbacks of DLP

  • The DLP colour wheel (occasionally) produces a "rainbow effect" when the colours separate to their component colours, that is red, green and blue.

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