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Boardroom Systems Control

Effortless Control Crestron Boardroom Systems Control

Control systems are a major component in corporate boardrooms and conference rooms.

During any presentation many actions are being carried out: Lights are dimmed, screens are lowered, shades are drawn, information sources are selected and switched from time to time, volume is adjusted. These and other actions are repeated many times in the course of the presentation. These actions are done by different subsystems, but all have to be discreetly controlled by the presenter, in order to maintain the continuity and the impact of the presentation. A sophisticated but undemanding control system facilitates the work of the presenter and allows all the activities to be done effortlessly without any distractions to the audience.  

Magen Boardroom Systems designs and programs your audio-visual controls on a Guest User paradigm. We aim for a level of simplicity that will allow a Guest using the facilities the first time to be able to control the entire presentation intuitively and with a minimum of button pushing. When he or she selects Video, the screen will drop down, the amplifier will be on at a preset volume, the lights will dim, and if there are window shades, they will be drawn. The Play Button will be displayed on the touchscreen with buttons for additional adjustments to Volume and Lights, as well as Pause and Stop. If Cable is selected, the Channel Selector will be displayed on the touchscreen. Different screens appear on the touchscreen which coincide with the possible actions according to the selected scenario.

Full Integration

Presentation controls fully integrate all presentation equipment as well as the room environment variables. Everything in the room: lights, shades and drapes, screens, VCR, DVD, PC, projectors, audio system, and any other environmental or presentation equipment can be controlled by the user through a touchscreen or fixed panel. Our functional, highly-Boardroom Control Panelintuitive control systems may be operated through a portable touchscreen, recessed into the top of a conference room table or located on the podium.

To achieve this level of control, all subsystems must be integrated. Magen Boardroom Systems has many years of experience in system integration. Our staff sit through hours of presentations to help us identify problems that presenters encounter, in order to design and incorporate solutions into our controls and user interface that will anticipate and resolve such problems. We aim for high level confidence controls and a user interface which is simple to understand and prevents unwelcome surprises. The presenter should be totally at ease with the systems and concentrate exclusively on his performance.

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