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Boardroom Digital Lighting Controls

Flexibility in Boardroom Lighting

The lighting in the Boardroom, Executive Suite, Presentation Rooms and Conference Rooms provides the backdrop for the activity in that space. Adequate light for the task at hand isn't enough. The activity in any space varies during the day: analytical work by one person working alone; two and three person sessions including evaluations, review and planning; informal chats with automatic lighting controlcolleagues; formal meetings at various levels; presentations; conferences; training courses for staff or customers; etc. Some areas may be set up three or more times a day for different types of activity. And the size of the space could change just as often. All of the above indicate the need for maximum flexibility in lighting and in controls.


Lighting Suited to the Activity

A space should have a pleasing feel and lighting suited to the activity. Varying the quality of the light has a powerful impact on the ambiance and can change the mood. Think of the flood lights that detectives in the movies use on the suspects or the candlelight of a romantic scene. Lighting should be commensurate with the nature of the activity; it should add drama to a presentation or to the artworks displayed on the walls. In the case of presentations, the lighting should permit the audience to see the projected material, but also to see other members of the audience, to read handouts or take notes with ease.  Or you might want a system preprogrammed to spotlight presenters and products.

Lighting Controls

Staff may control the amount of light in their workspaces and minimize glare on computer screens and other reflective surfaces, improving screen visibility by reducing eyestrain. Lighting Control design may permit each group of users to control the light in their zone to a level that's best for their particular task or activity. Quality office lighting results in comfortable working conditions that enhance productivity and employee satisfaction.

Controls should provide for automatic adjustment to conditions or needs, reducing energy consumption when rooms are empty. Programmable controls reduce energy consumption and extend bulb life. Programmable controls also provide safety and security in the event of a fire or other disaster. Lights leading to passages automatically go on to illuminate passages to staircases and exits. Programmable controls may also be integrated with access systems: lights can automatically illuminate the route for maintenance employees or others who keep irregular schedules who check in when the offices are normally closed.

Control should also permit light changes by means of a tap on a touchscreen, as during a presentation. Lighting controls can be extended to combine with window and screen covering controls for presentations.

Lighting can be controlled by means of attractive keypads of varying colours and designs located throughout the executive suite or boardroom, as well as by means of portable touchscreens. Each keypad or touchscreen can control a single space or a number of areas. Controls consisting of dimmers, photocells, and occupancy sensors, may be programmed to automatically set lighting levels according to a specific time of day, relative to exterior lighting conditions or according to occupancy. And these may be different for weekdays, weekends or holidays. Light controls may also be connected to the security system to activate lights in case of an alarm. The controls are intuitive and simple to use. If desired, all lighting can be controlled from any keypad.

Controls may be located wherever required: walls, podiums or desks. Lighting controls may also be installed without wiring in areas in which it would be inconvenient to modify walls.

What do lighting controls consist of?

  • Dimmers to reduce wattage of lamps and increase their service life
  • Photocells to turn lights on and off in response to natural light levels
  • Occupancy sensors to automatically turn lights on when a person enters a room and turn them off when the room is vacated
  • Keypads mounted on walls, podiums, desktops or wherever required
  • Portable touchscreens

Benefits of Programmable Lighting Controls

  • Programmable lighting controls contribute to:
    • Employee comfort
    • Energy reduction
    • Personal security
    • Greater safety in the event of disasters 

Lighting accounts for a considerable part of the energy consumed in an office and there is much room for reducing consumption without affecting lighting quality. With electricity costs ranging from about $1.00 to more than $6.00 per square foot per year, energy is a major operating expense. Major reductions in energy consumption can be gained by dimming, when a lesser amount of light is required or when the room is empty. Savings can be especially great in unowned areas such as hallways and waiting areas. Furthermore, since lights produce heat, unnecessary light creates a needless burden on your cooling system. According to the California Energy Commission, automatic lighting controls generate energy savings of 35% to 45% in commercial and institutional buildings, without compromising the quality of the lighting. Some studies have found savings of up to 60%. Programmable lighting controls reduce costs and reduce unnecessary energy consumption. Programmable controls are friendly to the environment.

Contact Magen

Magen Boardroom Systems can help you design and install your automated lighting system. We can install in an existing building or in the new facility that you are planning now. Your controls will be completely hidden from view so as not to intrude on the wood panelling in your period style office or to detract from your sleek modern design. In your new facility we can provide a clean and elegant look with hidden controls or if you prefer to show them off, we can provide controls in colours that harmonize with your walls and drapes.  Magen installs Lutron, GE, Crestron and Lightolier.

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