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Executive Meeting Suites and Briefing Rooms

Effective Communication without Leaving the Office

boardrooms executive meetingAudio-visual equipment has become an essential and integral element in Executive Suites, offices and Briefing Rooms. Corporate spaces whose primary function is to provide enhanced communications are more and more in demand today. As corporate travel is cut back, audio-visual facilities are becoming ever more important. Both the high cost of air travel and the fear of flying are fueling the growth. But the opportunities offered by high speed and high resolution telecommunications are the obverse side of the coin. Effective communication can now be had without leaving the office. The huge savings in time as well as diminishing costs resulting from reduced travel make telecommunication a must in the Executive Suite. Magen Boardroom Systems can help you analyze your telecommunication needs and recommend the solutions most suitable to your firm.

The videoconferencing systems used for multi site meetings also allow you to have face to face meetings with other executives within the building. No need to leave the comfort and privacy of your own office or to play one-upmanship with your colleagues in haggling over the venue. Executives may also watch a presentation or make announcements to groups gathered in the Presentation Room or Auditorium from their own offices. They can remain in touch with branch offices, customers, suppliers and prospects from the office, without giving up the benefits of face to face contact. This aids in rapid decision making and saves both time and cost.

Presentations in Your Own Office

Executive Suites should combine attractive surroundings with hi-tech functionality to project a professional atmosphere. Make the Executive Suite more versatile and impressive and let the staff show off their stuff when talking to the boss. Allow private presentations to officers in their own offices by installing presentation systems in the office of each vice president. Open and close motorized drapes and adjust lighting levels with a tap on a touchscreen. Small presentation systems add prestige to an Executive Suite as well as practical value. Magen Boardroom Systems designs and installs all sizes of presentation facilities in corporate offices.

Magen Boardroom Systems designers will work with your design team to provide videoconferencing and presentation solutions that are right for your business. We simplify all controls by compressing commands to single button taps, making our systems easy to learn and operate. We install, test, and maintain your videoconferencing and audiovisual equipment and network. We offer on-site training to all users of your audiovisual system.

If you are remodeling your Executive Suite, now is the time to install the cabling for videoconferencing and presentation equipment. Whether you install equipment now or later, having the cables in place simplifies the process of installation and reduces the time to hours instead of days. And it's less expensive to do it while construction is in progress and walls are open.

If you are considering building Executive facilities or upgrading an existing facility, contact Magen Boardroom Systems now. Let us review your plans and help you develop your ideas. We can help you build better Executive facilities and avoid mistakes that may cost you later.

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