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Boardroom Architect Designs

Magen Boardroom Systems can help you develop customized solutions for Boardrooms, boardroom architectPresentation Rooms, Conference Rooms, and Executive Suites that will make the facilities that you deliver to your corporate clients, candidates for write-ups in architectural journals. We design and install the audio-visual systems and automation controls to make it all work gracefully, silently, discreetly and effortlessly. Whether your client is building a new Boardroom or renovating the Executive Suite in his or her business, Magen can help you.

With Magen Boardroom Systems on your design team, you will know at the design stage, how the audio-visual systems and the corresponding automation will impact on the design of the corporate offices and facilities. You will deliver a superior design that won’t need changes in the course of installation. Visibility will be at its best and sound will be audible throughout the room; lighting will be adjustable according to all modes for which the room is designed. Wiring and controls can be both concealed and easily accessible for adding new components in the future and for maintenance. Your client will be pleased with the ease of operation of the systems.

We help you provide your clients with facilities that will not only satisfy them, they will delight them and impress their customers and visitors. We advise on the location of the equipment and controls so that they can be totally integrated with the other systems in the building. We offer a full service to completely automate any corporate facility. Magen Boardroom Systems designs the entire automation system, installs the equipment, controls and wiring, maintains it and provides ongoing support to the corporate facility manager.

Magen Boardroom Systems can help build in security, too. Access control to Boardrooms and the Executive Suite can be provided and made covert and non intrusive. The Executive Suite can be put off limits to all but those authorized, without looking like a fortress. We can sweep rooms for bugs prior to critical meetings. Magen Boardroom Systems can provide you and your clients a complete service dealing with all controls and automation for audio-visual, lighting, HVAC and security.

Magen Boardroom Systems is an authorized dealer of Crestron, Samsung and IBM. We were one of the first firms in Canada to be accredited by IBM as Home Director Systems Integrators. ( That was back in 1999 when IBM was still in the Home Automation business. So you can see how long we've been in the business and how much experience we've accumulated). Magen Boardroom Systems is one of the most experienced automation designers and integrators in Canada providing comprehensive Executive Office audio-visual and automation systems in the southern Ontario area. 

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