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Boardroom Climate Control

Why you need itBoardroom Temperature Control

Automatically control the temperature, humidity and air quality in each office according to the needs of the users. Enjoy greater comfort and superior working conditions, save on energy costs by cutting heating or cooling in areas that are unoccupiedand breathe healthier, fresher air. The savings make economic sense for you and make your office environmentally friendly at the same time. Let Magen Boardroom Systems analyze your needs, design and install your Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning controls.


How it works

Set temperatures low in unoccupied areas and keep occupied areas set to normal comfort levels. When people leave the area, the temperature automatically drops; when they enter a previously unoccupied area, the temperature there automatically rises. With a zoning system in the office, even greater savings can be achieved. Each zone is crestron thermostatprogrammed according to its exposure (eastern, western, northern, southern). Even if your existing heating system isn’t zoned, Magen can zone it for you. Ventilation is factored into the preprogrammed controls to allow for regular replacement of stale air with fresh air from the outside. With controllable ventilation, fresh air conditions are monitored for temperature and humidity. When conditions are within an acceptable range, an outside air intake damper lets fresh air in. Humidity controls activate humidifiers or dehumidifiers to provide a constant comfortable level. Balancing between inside and outside humidity prevents condensation on windows. Once set, all adjustments are automatic! The controls know what you want and do it all by themselves.

Integrate Your Controls  

Integrate the climate controls with your window coverings, lights and the presentation equipment. A simple tap on the touchscreen will start the projector, set the sound to the desired volume, dim the lights, draw the shades, and set the climate controls to the level suitable for a group, sitting fairly motionless for an extended period.

And if the preset climate controls are not right for the specific conditions, you can override them and set them to something right for your audience. Maybe today you are making a presentation to seniors, who prefer a higher temperature than would a mixed audience. No problem! Your remote will allow you to make temperature adjustments. And if this type of audience appears regularly, Magen Boardroom Systems can program that scenario for you too.

Air in New Buildings

A new building is no guarantee against unhealthy air. If you have new carpets, draperies or furniture, a constant airflow is necessary. "Off-gases from new carpets will often dissipate over a 3 to 12 month period. The best precaution against irritation is a proper balance of airflow. Keeping the humidity regulated is also effective. (From The Air You Breathe "Sick Building Syndrome" and Building-Related Illness by Toni Meixner, 1995). Automatic control of heating, ventilation, air conditioning and humidity in the office is the healthy solution.

Energy savings

Preset controls for the various scenarios (Weekday, Nights, Weekend & holidays, etc.) to enjoy ideal environmental conditions. Factor in external climatic conditions. Studies show that energy savings of 25% to 30% are achieved by installing these automatic controls.

Integrate your HVAC with motorized drape controls, for even greater energy economy. By shutting out the sun in summer or letting more in winter, you cut energy use and costs to a minimum.  

Our controls can be mounted flush with the wall, leaving your offices with a neat, clean look.

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