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Boardroom Sound Systems and Audio Speakers

The sound in your boardroom, like everything else, must be perfect. You want clean, clear sound in ceiling speakersallowing all present, regardless of where they are seated, to hear every word. And you want comments made by anyone seated anywhere, to be heard. On the other hand, you don't want the room to be so quiet that the sound of a pin dropping might disturb the flow of a presentation. A boardroom is not a concert hall. Above all, you need good speech intelligibility. It must be possible not only to hear the speaker, but to understand every word spoken as well. A person should not have to strain to listen or to understand.

All elements of the sound system - the hardware chosen and its placement - contribute to its performance and to the listener's experience. The equipment must be carefully selected for its quality and suitability to the space in question. The location of all elements must be determined to assure that the sound system serves its purpose. The main objective in determining placement and density of loudspeakers is covering the area effectively, to provide intelligible sound audible over the entire area. The system must provide even coverage, avoid feedback and sound system speakermaximize speech intelligibility.

Good sound is not the result only of loudspeaker selection and placement. Microphones, and in the case of Boardrooms, normally microphones specifically suited to speech, must be chosen and their locations fixed. Equalizers may be set to compensate for non-linear acoustics and occasionally digital processors to automatically correct upon the onset of feedback. 

For the Boardroom the sound system should satisfy the following requirements:  

  • The speaker should sound as natural as possible. Neither the speaker, nor anyone in the audience, should have to yell to be heard
  • The spoken word should be as intelligible as possible without echoes or feedback
  • The sound system should assure that listeners in all locations can hear clearly
  • It should assist in making audible to the audience even the quietest portions of the presentation
  • All sound sources should be reproduced at the appropriate volume
A sound system must serve its function but it must also be aesthetic or unobtrusive. A sound system should not negatively intrude on the appearance of the boardroom. A good sound system will never be noticed because everyone will hear everything "naturally" and will see nothing that offends the eye.  

When Magen Boardroom Systems designs and installs your sound system, we coordinate our work with other relevant trades. We consult with your acoustical engineer on all matters of substance or if necessary, we bring in our own consultant. We consult with the electrical and mechanical engineers to assure that the sound will not suffer from proximity to electrical cables or to the air conditioning system. With your interior designer we seek to obscure loudspeakers without compromising their performance. After installation, Magen tests all elements and the entire system and tunes and balances the sound system.

Contact Magen. Let Magen help you identify your needs, design the installations, advise on equipment selection, install the sound system and train your staff in its use.

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