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Boardroom Video Conference Multiple Meeting Location

Crestron RL brings Microsoft Lync from the Desktop to the Conference Room

Microsoft Lync provides a consistent, single client experience for presence, instant messaging, voice, video and content sharing. Crestron RL extends the Lync experience to the conference room so groups can communicate and collaborate in real time regardless of location.

Share your desktop with local and remote participants. View and annotate over Microsoft PowerPoint or the interactive whiteboard using the 65” touch display. All in real time. Adding attendees on the fly from the conference room is as fast and easy as typing their names.

The next step in Video Conferencing Group Collaboration...crestron RL presentation room

Crestron RL is based on Microsoft Lync 2013, the popular and powerful server based application that many companies already use on a daily basis. Our full featured system enables real-time group collaboration on conference room displays rather than on personal laptops.

With just one touch of a button from the RL touch screen, anyone can walk into a conference room and instantly start a collaboration session.

Ultra responsive on screen annotation brings presentations to life in a whole new way. With a finger swipe on the touch display you can make your point when an idea is fresh in your mind. No more wasted time searching for that elusive stylus pen. And with no delay touch response you can annotate as fast as you think. Your finger becomes a natural extension of the way you normally write.

Complete Room Control from ONE Touch Screen

Only Crestron RL is designed to seamlessly integrate with Crestron control to offer a complete room solution. Simply press the “RL” button to instantly access lighting, shades, thermostats, DigitalMedia, AV presentation, and more all from the same touch screen.

When the RL session starts, ramp up the lights, raise the shades and adjust the temperature in the room for productive and high-quality video collaboration. Alternatively, if the room is used for a local presentation, you can dim the lights, lower the shades and select the source content to display. All systems and devices are integrated on a single platform to work together seamlessly.

crestron RL Video CollaborationEnterprise Management

Crestron Fusion Enterprise Management Software enables remote network management and control of all the Crestron RL rooms. Crestron Fusion can capture and display RL usage data such as call frequency and duration, meeting status, list of participants, and when someone is sharing content. In fact, Crestron Fusion can manage all the rooms in all the buildings across the global enterprise.

Take control and collect data about how each room is used. Crestron Fusion software is totally scalable from single room monitoring to an enterprise building management solution. Simply by connecting more devices to the Crestron control system, the power and value of the software grows. Crestron adds a layer of intelligence for increased productivity and lower energy consumption.

Perfected Smart Conference Rooms

The conference room should be a place where people can be creative, strategic, and productive. Using any technology in the conference room should be as simple as using Lync. With Crestron it is. During the last 40 years Crestron has innovated, engineered, and perfected the smart conference room.

That’s why more global organizations, such as Microsoft, SAS, The World Bank, Revel, The Wharton School of Business, Henkel-Dial, and Comcast, trust and rely on Crestron conference room solutions every day. In fact, tens of thousands of boardrooms and conference rooms around the world are driven by Crestron technology.

Crestron RL enables just one button press to join a Lync conference, and just one button press to access room lights, shades, thermostats, and AV presentation.

Watch Crestron RL Video Conference Group Collaboration for more ideas

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