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Presentation Rooms

The Best Conditions for Presentations

Your Presentation Room is the face you present to your clients, investors, employees and to all who have the opportunity to attend a presentation in this room. You want your Presentation Room to be impressive and aesthetic, comfortable and relaxed, and you want to provide excellent viewing and audibility, because that's what it's all about.

And you want to provide your presenter with the best conditions for his or her presentation. He or she should be able to control every aspect of the presentation without the embarrassment of having to call for help or to wonder how to connect into the system. You need the best in design of your audio-visual system and a firm with rich experience that you can rely on. Magen Boardroom Systems is here to help you in the design, installation and upgrading of your Presentation Room.

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Efficient use of valuable space requires that the Presentation Room be flexible to provide for audiences of different sizes and for simultaneous use by multiple audiences when the groups are small. The heating ventilation & air conditioning (HVAC) system for a presentation room has to be adjustable to accommodate widely varying heat loads that are generated by lighting, audience members and by the equipment. Temperatures too high or too low may make the audience uncomfortable and distract them from the presentation. Building in this flexibility increases the complexity of the audio-visual systems and the control of lighting and other environmental conditions.

Hide Your Equipment

The technology is complex and can be distracting, if left in full view. The art of designing an effective Presentation Room includes making all the technology invisible while leaving it fully accessible for maintenance and for upgrading as new presentation instruments become available. Complex technology requires simple controls, lest it defeat its purpose. Complicated controls deter presenters who hesitate to use systems that might be confusing and distract from the free flow of the presentation. Keeping the technology out of sight can also add to dramatic effect of the presentation. Your firm and each presenter is more memorable to the audience, when this drama is achieved.

For dramatic effect, you can leave the screen draped over until the presenter touches the control panel, opening the curtains to reveal the screen. If the room is windowed, motorized drapes covering the windows would be closed automatically when the presentation begins and the lights would dim. Equipment racks with all the AV technology could be hidden, remaining totally invisible to the client. All distractions would be eliminated, allowing the visitor to fully appreciate the interior design while concentrating on the presentation. 

Front projectors may be ceiling mounted on a retractable lift and motorized. They remain invisible in ceiling recesses until summoned by a tap on the touchscreen control panel. Then they slide silently out, ready for use. Rear screen projectors utilizing rear screens may be covered by motorized front projection screens, when necessary to provide a surface for front projection. The presenter standing anywhere in the room can operate the entire audio and visual system, selecting sources, screens, volume, power of lighting and environmental levels - all from the portable touchscreen control.

For effect, multiple projection systems can display multiple images simultaneously in the presentation room and front-projection projectors can provide a 3-D effect. Audio and visual systems may be installed to broadcast presentations to multiple locations within the building, beyond the presentation room. Fiber optic routers can carry data to the projectors for fast, effective results.

Surround sound ceiling mounted speakers and microphones may be installed for audio conferencing or these may be installed in invisible recesses in the tables. Sound reinforcement speakers help to assure that the entire presentation is captured by the audience in all parts of the room. Board directors, often older people with hearing impairment, will especially appreciate this feature.

Your Presentation Room has to be

  • Simple to use so as not to deter presenters and participants from using them
  • Flexible so that they can be used for many purposes in different size groupings
  • Upgradeable to allow for the addition of new technologies as they become available
If you are considering adding a Presentation Room or upgrading an existing one, contact Magen Boardroom Systems now. Let us review your plans and help you develop your ideas. We can help you build a better Presentation Room and avoid mistakes that may cost you later.

Contact Magen at 416.658.5757 for free Consultation.

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