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Room Scheduling Touch Screen Systems

TSS-752 - boardroom, conference room and meeting spaces scheduling systemsCrestron TSS-752

Room Scheduling Touch Screens provide an invaluable productivity tool for organizations with multiple conference rooms and meeting spaces. Mounted on the wall outside each room, they allow anyone to see at a glance if a room is available or in use, and view details about the current meeting. A swipe of the finger across the color touch screen reveals the room’s entire schedule. Upcoming meetings and open time slots are clearly displayed on a scrolling calendar ribbon, and users can even reserve a room right on the spot from the touch screen.

Room Scheduling Touch Screens end the wasteful practice of searching the corridors for an available room. They eliminate confusion over which room is booked by whom, and for how long and allow attendees to verify they’re in the right place before entering a room. They help organizations to maximize productivity and get the most usable time out of every room.

Room Scheduling Function

The TSS-752 Room Scheduling Touch Screen features a brilliant 7" widescreen display with lots of space for displaying
essential meeting and scheduling information all at once without having to flip through multiple pages. Crestron Smart Graphics delivers a dynamic, gesture-driven user experience with many customizable features. Capacitive touch screen technology affords nimble touch response for navigating the intuitive on-screen interface. Soft-touch buttons to the right of the touch screen offer an alternate method for navigating the on-screen interface. Side-mounted, multi-color LED beacons provide clear indication of a room’s status down long corridors.

With its clean, modern appearance, the TSS-752 makes an elegant statement in any environment including office buildings, conference centers, hotels, and universities. A choice of mounting options allows the TSS-752 to be installed in places other touch screens just can’t go. It can be installed on a wall over a standard 2-gang electrical box, or mounted to virtually any flat surface even glass, granite, or marble.

Enhanced Room Scheduling

The TSS-752 is optimized for use with Crestron Fusion RV software, enabling tight integration with popular scheduling
applications like Microsoft Exchange, Office 365, IBM Notes, CollegeNET R25, and Google Calendar. Through its color touch screen, the TSS-752 provides advanced room scheduling capabilities that can be customized to suit the needs of any organization.

  • Schedule View - Displays a clear, at-a-glance view of the current reservation along with upcoming reservations and available time slots on a scrolling calendar ribbon. New reservations can be scheduled on the spot.
  • Find - Allows you to quickly search all the rooms on the network, and reserve any room nearby, without leaving the touch screen you’re at.
  • Details - Provides additional information about a reservation.
  • Check In - This option requires the meeting organizer to check in before a meeting to confirm the reservation. If no one checks in, the room can automatically become available to others.
  • Availability Threshold - Reserves extra setup time ahead of the actual scheduled event. Eliminates the need to schedule a separate reservation for setup of furniture, refreshments, staging, and AV before a meeting, luncheon, or other event.
  • Custom Backgrounds - Allows you to change the background images that appear on each touch screen. Company logos and other custom graphics can be uploaded to the Fusion RV server, or any Web server, enabling the graphics to be changed at any time by simply uploading a new image file to the server.
  • Localization - Supports international fonts and formats in combination with Fusion RV software.
  • Broadcast Messaging - Allows display of text bulletins, announcements, and other messages on the touch screen. Emergency broadcasts can be accompanied by an alert sound, while non-emergency messages display on the screen without disrupting its normal use.
  • PIN Code Authorization - Allows use of a 4-digit PIN code to restrict access to certain functions such as reserving a room through the touch screen, viewing a private reservation, viewing details, checking into a meeting, extending a reservation, ending a reservation early, or accessing the touch screen configuration page.

Occupancy Sensing

Fusion RV supports the use of room occupancy sensors to detect when no one has shown up for a scheduled meeting. In such an event, the current reservation can be cancelled automatically to make the room available to others. Occupancy sensors do not connect directly to the TSS-752. They communicate with Fusion RV via connection to a Crestron control system. Crestron GLS Series Occupancy Sensors are available in a variety of types to support connection to the
control system using Cresnet, infiNET EX, or a Versiport I/O port.

Custom User Mode

Just like any other Crestron touch screen, the TSS-752 can be custom programmed for all types of applications. The TSS-752 uses Smart Graphics to deliver the ultimate user experience for controlling AV, lighting, shades, HVAC, and other functions. Additional enhancements include support for H.264 streaming video, Rava SIP intercom, and audio feedback.

Single-Wire Connectivity

A simple Ethernet LAN connection is all that is required to wire the TSS-752, containing all control, video, intercom, and power signals within a single wire.

Power over Ethernet

Using PoE technology, the TSS-752 gets its operating power right through the LAN wiring. PoE (Power over Ethernet) eliminates the need for a local power supply or any dedicated power wiring. A PoE Injector simply connects in line with the LAN cable at a convenient location. Crestron PoE switches may also be used to provide a total networking solution with built-in PoE.

Simple, Versatile Mounting

The TSS-752 installs easily on virtually any mounting surface. Using the mounting plate provided, it can be attached directly to a US, UK, or European electrical box. For impenetrable surfaces, such as decorative glass, granite, marble, plaster, smooth stone and masonry, Crestron offers the Multi-Surface Mount Kit, which comes complete with a low-profile rear shell, adhesive mounting plate, and wire raceway.

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