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Your Boardroom

BoardroomYour Boardroom is an intimate presentation and discussion room designed to meet the needs of your Board of Directors. Here corporation directors hear company officers, committees, consultants and advisors make presentations on company activities and plans and they discuss issues and make decisions. Here conferences with key staff are held. The architecture, interior decoration lighting and the media all combine to make the Boardroom serve its purpose. The Boardroom must be both functional and attractive. Magen Boardroom Systems works as a member of your design team to help create the technological functionality and incorporate it invisibly into the attractive and comfortable environment designed by your architect and interior decorator.

Boardroom Design for Simplicity in Use

The Boardroom has to enable clear presentations visible from all seats, acoustics must be crystal clear to assure that all members and presenters catch every word spoken and to enable each speaker to be heard from his seat by all others. The entire ambience has to be comfortable and conducive to collegial discussion. At Magen, we are keenly aware that the quality of hearing is inversely proportional to age, while the likelihood of becoming a director is directly proportional to it. Our installations are designed for mature directors, not for techies.


Audio-visual equipment and controls may be daunting to board members, who are often mature and uncomfortable with cutting edge technology. At Magen Boardroom Systems, we remove the daunt from the technology by hiding operating equipment from view and we demystify the controls by compressing virtually every command to a single button tap. Magen shrinks major control functions to macros which then require only the ability to read a single word on the personal touchscreen (Mike On, Mike Off, Video, Start, Stop, etc.) and the strength to tap the virtual button. Before releasing our controls for Boardroom use, we test them on people unfamiliar with the technology. Directors should be free to focus on the issues without having to worry about how to operate the systems used in the presentations.

At Magen Boardroom Systems, friendliness is not just a slogan: our systems are as friendly as our staff. Probably even more. At Magen we design the controls with the needs and characteristics of the users in mind. No matter how complex the audiovisuals, we make sure that the systems are simple to use. 

Magen Boardroom Systems designs the systems, provides the technology, installs and tests the systems and trains your staff to operate it.

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