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Plasma Electronic Displays

plasma electronic display

Plasma screens consist of red, green and blue phosphors sandwiched between two layers of glass. Electric pulses sent to the gas make it glow, producing the colour information and light. Because all the pixels react at the same time, no flicker is ever apparent to the viewer.

Plasma has high contrast, excellent resolution and is extremely bright. A Plasma screen is so bright that it can be seen clearly even in a well lit room. It can be used in rooms with windows and in training classes which must remain fully lit. Plasma produces a warm, bright, sharp and colour-rich image. In multiple arrangements Plasma screens are especially eye catching and striking. Plasma is ideal for informing and entertaining viewers. Plasma has a life of around 25,000 to 30,000 hrs. Maximum Plasma screen size is currently 70". Electricity consumption is not high

Advantages of Plasma

  • Excellent contrast ratios
  • Excellent colour reproduction
  • Bright projections even when ambient light is high
  • Very sharp images
  • Long life expectancy
  • Excellent viewing angle
  • Largest panel size among the relevant technologies
  • Ultra thin
  • Rugged technology: each pixel is an independent light emitting structures

Plasma is suitable for applications in boardrooms and presentation rooms of all sizes. Possible applications include:

  • Control room displays
  • Security monitors
  • Evacuation systems
  • Presentations
  • Announcements and Public messages
  • Information to clients and visitors
  • Information to employees
  • Directing patrons to conference room locations
  • Interactive touch screens of building plans located at strategic locations

Effective and easy to operate software permit you to change messages rapidly. Live data can be integrated and displayed on Plasma screens.

Plasma may be used in signage display systems consisting of both interactive and non-interactive displays and may be integrated with systems using other types of electronic displays. Data for all screens may come from a single source via cables. The system can be managed over the Internet to allow for remote content revisions and updates and to change schedules, all from a single central source. Pre-recorded information to customers and employees may be provided to inform or entertain or both.

Magen can help you decide if Plasma is right for you or whether another type of display is more appropriate to your needs. We will help you determine the size of your installation, the best placement and positions for your electronic displays, with regards to lighting and other environmental features of your facility, as well as in relation to the location of your target audience. We can help you select the operating system that is best for your installation.

Magen's expertise will allow you to exploit your electronic display system most effectively and to maximize benefits.

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