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Installation and Integration of all your Boardroom Systemscrestron video conferencing


Your Executive Offices serve as both a stage and an auditorium in addition to providing the work environment of the firm's senior staff. Here the Corporation Board discusses company strategy, decision heads report on plans and results, senior staff hold meetings to consult on programs, dealers hear the company's message and the heads of allied firms visit to consult and coordinate strategies and actions.

The Executive Offices are your company's showcase. They should be equipped with the most advanced technology and best audio visual systems available to make the presentations, communications and discussions impressive and accessible. Effective Executive Office Systemsreinforce the senior staff in conveying their messages.

crestron boardroomMagen Boardroom Automation Design Systems provides a comprehensive service of installation and integration of all the essential Systems of your Executive Offices.

Magen Boardroom Automation Design is an experienced, reliable and respected firm serving Toronto area in southern Ontario since 1981. Over the years in which we have been serving this dynamic area, we have grown constantly, always remaining on the cutting edge of this rapidly developing field. Our growth is proof of our uncompromising approach to quality installations and to our constant effort to exceed the expectations of our clients.

Magen Boardroom Automation Design Systems has the know-how and the experience to help you. By working with Magen Boardroom Automation Design, you benefit from our rich experience and from the most professional advice available.

Boardroom Projectors

Projectors are the ideal tool for business conferences of all types and for audiences of all sizes. Magen Boardroom Automation Design offers a wide variety of projectors to meet all your presentation needs in the boardroom, presentation rooms and training and instruction spaces. With projectors you can deliver presentations using quality video graphics and text. Projectors are capable of interacting with various inputs and standards, and can meet the most complex presentation requirements.
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Boardroom Automation Controlsvideo conferencing

Automated control systems are a major component in corporate boardrooms and conference rooms. During any presentation many actions are being carried out: Lights are dimmed, screens are lowered, shades are drawn, information sources are selected and switched from time to time, volume is adjusted. These and other actions are repeated many times in the course of the presentation. These actions are done by different subsystems, but all have to be discreetly controlled by the presenter, in order to maintain the continuity and the impact of the presentation. A sophisticated but undemanding control system facilitates the work of the presenter and allows all the activities to be done effortlessly without any distractions to the audience.
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Boardroom Presentation Screens

A variety of displays applying different technologies are available for use in a corporate environment for purposes of marketing, for training and for boardroom presentations. Magen Boardroom Automation Design can help you decide which display is right for you. We will help you determine the size of your installation, the best placement and positions for your presentation screens, with regards to lighting and other environmental features of your facility, as well as in relation to the location of your target audience. We can help you select the operating system that is best for your installation.  Magen Boardroom Automation Design expertise will allow you to exploit your presentation display system most effectively and to maximize benefits.
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Presentation RoomBoardroom Sound Systems

The sound in your boardroom, like everything else, must be perfect. You want clean, clear sound allowing all present, regardless of where they are seated, to hear every word. And you want comments made by anyone seated anywhere, to be heard. On the other hand, you don't want the room to be so quiet that the sound of a pin dropping might disturb the flow of a presentation. A boardroom is not a concert hall. Above all, you need good speech intelligibility. It must be possible not only to hear the speaker, but to understand every word spoken as well. A person should not have to strain to listen or to understand.
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Boardroom Video Conferencing

Boardroom Video Conferencing has become an indispensable technology when viewed in the light of the dangers, discomfort and stress of travel, not to speak of the skyrocketing costs of travel. Your firm will benefit from greater productivity with staff spending less time in the air, while they and their families will be much more satisfied with their work-life balance. Decisions are made much faster with video conferencing and they are more soundly based after serious face to face discussions with all partners to the decision.
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Boardroom Automated Lighting Controlcrestron RL

The lighting in the Boardroom, Executive Suite, Presentation Rooms and Conference Rooms provides the backdrop for the activity in that space. Adequate light for the task at hand isn't enough. The activity in any space varies during the day: analytical work by one person working alone; two and three person sessions including evaluations, review and planning; informal chats with colleagues; formal meetings at various levels; presentations; conferences; training courses for staff or customers; etc. Some areas may be set up three or more times a day for different types of activity. And the size of the space could change just as often. All of the above indicate the need for maximum flexibility in lighting and in controls.
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Motorized Window Shades Control

Motorized control of your drapes and other window coverings in your Executive Suite conserves energy, and adds convenience and prestige to the office. During presentations and meetings, the ability to adjust the drapes or to uncover the projection screen with just a tap on the touchscreen allows for continuity in the presentation without disruptive pauses to adjust lighting during the presentation.
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Boardroom Internet Thermostat Controlcrestron fliptops

Automatically control the temperature, humidity and air quality in each office according to the needs of the users. Enjoy greater comfort and superior working conditions, save on energy costs by cutting heating or cooling in areas that are unoccupied and breathe healthier, fresher air. The savings make economic sense for you and make your office environmentally friendly at the same time.
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Boardroom Door Access Control

You may want to limit access to certain areas, for reasons of physical security to your staff or equipment, to prevent visitors from entering an area where they may inadvertently endanger themselves or to prevent sensitive information from falling into the wrong hands. Only authorized persons can enter, and only during the precise period of the authorization. If a robbery is discovered, the log of entries provides a list of suspects.
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Electronic Signage

An Boardroom Electronic Signage Network (ESN) in your firm can serve multiple purposes: It will promote your firm's image, inform visitors and staff and protect everyone on your premises. ESN can combine planned messages as well as security alerts triggered manually by security staff or automatically by your monitoring system. Being digital, individual displays can be triggered by electronic identifiers such as smoke, light, temperature, hazardous materials detectors or even biometrics. An emergency alert can be flashed on a display in mid presentation when necessary. Using "Dynamic Image Provisioning Applications" (DIPA), images and information may be dispatched for display to specific locations at times appropriate to your objectives. ESNs can respond to Radio Frequency Identification (RFID), biometric, hazardous materials and other triggers. Dual use of an ESN is likely to be very cost effective with displays serving both commercial and public safety purposes. Measures that help reduce loss of life or injury may be expected to result in lower insurance costs.
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